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Swimming Pool Test Kit Guide


How often should I check my swimming pool water?

There are several tests that you need to complete on your swimming pool as part of its regular maintenance routine. You should check your chlorine levels twice a week or more throughout periods of heavy use or long periods of sun exposure. At the same time, we recommend carrying out a PH level test.  Alkalinity should be tested once a week as this directly affects your PH level in the swimming pool water. Carry out a calcium test once a month as this can fluctuate due to local conditions. Every 2-3 months you should run a test for metals as this can stain your water if left untreated.


How long does pool water need to sit before testing?

You need to wait 2-4 hours prior to testing this is normally enough for one full cycle to be carried out through the system. We would always recommend 24 hours before use after adding new water and chemicals to your swimming pool.

How long do I have to wait to test after adding chlorine?

Once you have added chlorine it is recommended to wait a minimum of twenty minutes before you retest your swimming pool to ensure the chlorine levels are safe. It is safe to swim in again once your chlorine levels reach 5 ppm or after 24 hours.

What is the desired chlorine level for a swimming pool?

To maintain a safe and hygienic swimming pool you are looking to keep your chlorine levels between 1 ppm and 3 ppm although it is safe to swim in at 5 ppm and below although this can cause sensitive skin and eyes irritation at this level.

What should I test my swimming pool with?

At Pool Part Mart we stock a range of test kits and strips so that you can carry out all the tests you need to. You can view our full range of test kits by clicking here. We can ship throughout the UK and abroad, if you are looking for more information on test kits and pool safety why not ring the team at Pool Part Mart who will be more than happy to help you.

Why Pool Part Mart?

Pool Part Mart is a family run business with years of experience within the swimming pool and spa industry. Our friendly team are available to help you with your swimming pool maintenance needs. We work with suppliers form around the world to ensure we are always getting you the best quality product at competitive prices.

At Pool Part Mart we stock everything but the water.



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