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Above Ground Pool Covers

An above ground pool cover is used to keep your swimming pool clean and free from leaves and debris that may get into the pool when it is not being used. This is especially useful for winter months to ensure that your pool is kept clean and hygienic when not in use.

What is an above ground pool cover made off?

Pool covers are typically made of heavy-duty nylon waterproof tarpaulin. They are shaped to cover your pool and the surrounding areas and are used for swimming pool protection. They then have a ratchet system that is used to tighten the pool cover to ensure there is no slack into the pool causing damage.

Which Pool Cover Do You Need?

Each pool is different in size and you can purchase pool covers to fit the dimensions of your above ground pool cover.

There is then a choice of colors and if you want a solar-powered cover to maintain pool temperature.

Winter swimming pool covers start at £327.78 and go up depending in size. All our swimming pool covers are tailored made for your requirements. As pool covers are tailored made for your requirement, we suggest ordering them sooner rather than later. This will ensure that your cover is ready for the winter months. We can also suggest ratchet systems and roller cylinders to use with the cover to provide you with the simple operating system.  

For more information on ordering your above ground swimming pool cover please contact the team at Pool Part Mart who will be happy to help you.

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